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Human Weeds preview Public Television / Senior Producer Johan Bos

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Replicating The Ark  Public Television / Producer, director Johan Bos
featuring world renowned Ken Ham

“With several years of production experience tucked away, Johan has produced and directed several documentaries for National Public Broadcasting Stations. "Return to Mexico" and "This is Egypt" received national broadcast production awards. He has extensive experience with editing and music direction, and has received many awards including the coveted first place for Corporate Image Production.”

Public Television Producer, Director Johan Bos

“My experience at the national level means
 network caliber production quality.”

Feature Documentaries / National Broadcasts

Nationally aired feature on Public TV  Producer Johan Bos
Clip 2:05

Additional samples

Human Weeds / WilburForce Moment Public TV

Producer Johan Bos Clip 3:26

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Producer Johan Bos  Clip :45

Network promo / Producer, director Johan Bos

Clip :30


Crowe World Media

Segments shot by Johan Bos


Audio Production / Audio Treatments

Audio treatment for Replicating The Ark a promotional
film for The Ark Encounter.
Produced/Directed/Edited by Johan Bos

Audio treatment for Forgotten Family a documentary

film for Public Television Stations.
Produced/Directed by Johan Bos

Available upon request

Current film project

A film produced for Public Television stations nationally, covering the story about the largest human trafficking aftercare facilities in America.

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     producer / director JOHAN BOS     producer DR. GARY ARNOLD     associate producer REBECCA BOS     written by  JOHAN BOS

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Johan’s projects have been seen on networks such as: ESPN, cable networks and of course Public Television,

running between top rated programs such as: The American Experience,  Nature,  Inside Washington, Nova and Antiques Road Show.

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Portfolio JB V

Award of Merit: Documentary Feature

Award of Merit: Special Mention: Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising

Award of Excellence: Religion / Ethics

Award of Merit Special Mention: Viewer Impact: Content / Message Delivery

One man’s search for the family his parents left behind

Sex Trafficking Film