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Johan Bos

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Television & Media Production  •  Writing  •  Graphic Art / Design    Project / Events Manager

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Objective:  To assist an organization with their media, graphic design, or management needs. My skills and experience can be applied to
                    most types of businesses, including non-profit organizations. I invite you to browse my skills, qualifications, and credits.


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Johan Bos

“To everything successful is a plan carried through by experience.”

Johan Bos

All artwork, graphics, photography, videos, videography, animations, audio, and written content are original work produced by Johan Bos

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Johan is originally from the Netherlands.

He is a professional televsion / media producer, graphic artist, and
marketing person
. Johan is a natural, and great ideas he never runs
short of. After countless commercial projects for television and radio,
Johan moved on to corporate promotion, gathering a few awards along
the way. Feature Documentaries became his focus and he turned his
talents towards production, including TV series. Television gave Johan
the opportunity to meet and rub shoulders with established marketing
. His experience is vast, building to include marketing, advertising

and graphic design. His national clients included: Jeep, Ford, Chevron,

Holiday Inn, Morton Salt, Fly Racing, Nokia, South African Airlines, and
several others. Johan has numerous
marketing successes, ranging from
the art world, to marketing through the
Excalibur and Luxor hotels
Las Vegas. Johan’s efforts has increased the awareness of the world
Ark Encounter.

Johan also enjoys working in a management position. He has helped
several organizations to develop into recognized and growing additions

to the community. His organizational skills have been honed to a very

efficient level. His management skills have brought success to
organizations like
Hidden Harvest, including being the events coordinator

for large local events scheduled through the Mayor’s office of Olympia, WA .


Having worked with successful people, Johan has absorbed professional

techniques over the years. Writing copy and scripts were always part of

Johan’s responsibilities. A hundred+ television/radio ads, seven feature
, magazine articles including Mens Journal, Cycle World,

Salt Lake City Premier Magazine, many newspaper articles,  and a book

are among his writing credits.

Johan has a great deal of national level experience in graphic art,
media, and audio production
. His projects have been seen around
the globe
, from National network TV to to cruise ships. His innovative
skills have helped many organizations find success. He is creative,

knowledgeable, and practical in his methods.

Johan’s projects have been seen on networks such as: ABC, NBC,
ESPN, Travel Channel
, cable networks and of course Public
(PBS stations). Johan’s project entitled As Close As You Dare was broadcast nationally and received many prime time spots, running between top rated programs such as: The American Experience, Nature, Inside Washington, Antiques Road Show and Nova. As Close As You Dare is one of seven films Johan has had broadcast nationally on Public Television. (PBS stations) Human Weeds, scheduled to air early 2018, Johan expects to be as successful as his previous broadcasts.

Johan also has experience teaching and lecturing at the college level. He

has taught graphic design and advanced Photoshop at SLCC college in

SLC, Utah. He has lectured around the country on the subjects of film and television production. Locations including Seattle, Los Angeles, Hollywood, Huntsville, AL, Indianapolis, and Salt Lake City, UT. Including Evergreen State College, WA, IUPUI, IN, Heartland Film, IN.

Proficient with Adobe Creative Suite.

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Television & Media Production  •  Writing  •  Graphic Art / Design    Project / Events Manager  •  Adobe Skills / Photography  •  Bos Art Credits

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